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Keenkite IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Incorporated in the year 2015, KeenKite IT Solutions has strived to develop and explore technologies that most people have shied away from.

We firmly believe that if there is a simpler, better and faster way to do something, it’s worth investing time in making it happen!

Our founders found a world of opportunities in the fields of RFID, and NFC devices, as well as progressive web applications. Our focus on innovation has led to a number of different solutions to everyday problems that our clients faced.

As the costs of these technologies keep coming dow, and adoption keeps going up, there needs to be a big push in terms of their application. NFC isn’t just for payments, RFID isn’t just for tracking items in shops.

Based of out Bangalore, KeenKite offers a range of services for businesses to drive their IT systems. We also work closely with other start ups, to deliver custom solutions as technology partners.

Come explore the true potential of technology with KeenKite!

Why KeenKite?

Here at KeenKite, a project is not just a development request. It is a solution to a business problem. We take pains to understand the true need of our customers, and we offer the best possible options to solve it!

Our diverse team has expertise in C, Angular JS, Python, CSS, Java, Android, PHP, & HTML5.

Our Values

These values helps keenkit’s drive its business

We believe that Innovation makes life better and we continue to be innovative at each step.
We build and provide outstanding products and service.
We are committed to do right and good things for the world.
We work with the Passion to make the world a better place to live.
We are open to collaborate and work together to serve the world well.

What We Do Best

RFID Solutions

NFC Solutions

Event Registration

Cloud Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Development

Progressive Web Apps


Our Clients


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Opportunities to work @ KeenKite

Are you a developer, or a creator?

When we look for candidates, we don’t look for ‘just developers’, we don’t look for ‘just coders’, there is so much more to the world of information technology.
We look for innovators, problem solvers, and people thirsty for a challenge.

Come be a part of a team that values innovation, experimentation and growth above anything else.

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